Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Greek Pizza?

The Greek eatery mentioned in my previous post is not just a Greek eatery, I found. Not only do they have every Greek dish from Moussaka to Baklavah, but they have pizza and Italian food too! They're still a Greek eatery, but they just serve Italian food as well.

I couldn't believe it when the Italian food was just as good as the Greek food!

Baked Ziti:

Pizza (mushrooms, olives, pep's)

Monday, May 11, 2009

TU Campus Food

Every Towson student will appreciate this video! Make sure you listen to the 2nd song, it's "Mahna Mahna", haha!

Recipes for the Greek Food!

I had some requests for the recipes of the Greek food I shared in a previous post. So here they are!

Pastrami Sandwich
1. Create the sandwiches. Cut the keyser rolls in half so you can begin to create your sandwiches. Lightly coat the top of the bun with some mayonnaise and a dab of mustard. Next layer the pastrami in folds until you have about 2-4 ounces of meat on each bun. Next add several pieces of deli cheese on top of the layered pastrami.

2. Wrap sandwiches for baking. Now you want to tear a 1-by-1 foot section of foil wrap. Place the sandwich in the middle and wrap the foil around it.

3. Bake sandwiches in the oven. This is the easiest and the longest part. Place the sandwiches in the oven for approximately 15 minutes. Set the timer so you do not accidentally overcook or burn the sandwiches.

4. Remove sandwiches from the oven. Once the sandwiches are finished baking remove them from the oven using pot holders and place them on the counter to cool.

5. Add sauerkraut and serve. Allow the bake pastrami sandwiches at least five minutes to cool. Then remove the foil wrap, garnish with sauerkraut and enjoy!



I can never eat at Friday's and eat healthy. Even though they have a healthy menu, it just never happens. Greasy and cheesy is always what comes out of Friday's food!

So I have some suggestions and MUST TRY'S...

The best burger I've ever had at Friday's is the Jack Daniel's burger...

Can you believe there is even a burger under all of this!?!?! Haha! Well, there is! You're looking at fried, crispy onions, bacon, cheese and the amazing Jack Daniel's sauce. O yea, there are a couple fries on the side too! TRY IT!

New Greek Restaurant in Towson!

I ordinarily do not care for Greek food, but this place has totally changed my mind! It is not listed yet and does not have any information. I do know it was the old Towson Deilte, which was mainly known for their sandwiches and breakfast food.

Ever since we ordered from this Greek place, we have not ordered from anywhere else.

Our first order we got the Moussaka...

This is layered seasoned ground beef, chunks of potatoes, eggplant and bechamel with sprinkled cinnamon on top. It came with a Greek salad on the side, which was very fresh.

We also got a pastrami sandwich...

After ordering for the second time, I became friends with the woman that seems to be the owner. They are all very friendly and delivery time has never been over 35 minutes, which is amazing!

The Peppermill

The Peppermill is located on York Road about 2 miles up from the Towson circle. I wonder how this restaurant has been in business for all of these years. They do not have a website, they are never busy, and trust me the food is not that good.

I think what's keeping them afloat, if they are afloat, is obviously the location. They're right in the heart of Towson and it's pretty much the only semi-nice restaurant in which you don't have to go near the circle and find parking. It's also right across the street from the Ruck Funeral Home. And it you can tell that from the restaurant because it's always dead.

I had the Prime Rib and it came out cold ecause the waitor was horrible. It already had onions on it, hardly fried. The only delicious item I had was the Clams Casino, but how hard is that!?


Given, the Hooter's in Towson is not the finest establishment, especially compared to the Hooter's in the Baltimore Harbor. The great thing about Hooter's is that no matter what each location looks like or how trashy it is, the food still tastes the same!

Hooter's wings are by far the best wings I've ever had. These are the mediums and they still look delicious!

The mozzarella sticks were soo good too! The cheese was still hot when I bit into them.

We also got the fried pickles! It comes with really good tangy dipping sauce.

Peapod in Towson!

Don't feel like trying any of the restaurants I've been blogging about tonight? That's fine, Towson is a Peapod area! This means you can still have the food delivered, it just won't be cooked. Ha!

It's the new age of grocery shopping! Like everything else, grocery shopping has bowed down to the almighty internet. Peapod is a company associated with Giant. Here's how it works:

1. You order food online
This is just like a grocery store only online. The website has "aisles."
C'mon, that's cool!

2. Peapod gathers your food
A person will gather your grocery list from Peapod's food center.

3. Peapod delivers your food
Your food gets delivered in a temperature-controlled truck.

The great part is that the fees only go up to $8.00 depending on how much you spend. Don't forget to tip the delivery man!

Mango Manny's

I would consider Mango Manny's underground. It's located inside the Ramada Inn on the corner of Loch Raven Blvd. and Joppa Rd. I know, very random..but, somehow it has become a hot spot. I have had breakfast and dinner there, and I have played pool there during karaoke night...not a pleasant sight by the way.

Guests who stay at the Ramada get free breakfast there, which is actually not that bad. Other than that, the crabcake sandwiches are realy good! That's what most people eat when they go there, I could not imagine what else you would be going there for. The picture on the website it not what it looks like at all.

People go for the crabcakes and the atmoshere. Manny's has poker night and karaoke night, which actually draws a good crowd of locals along wih the guests. manny's also has live music on Friday's.

So the next time you drive by the Ramada and it's packed, it may not be because there are a lot of tourists!

Bahama Breeze

BB is such a landmark in Towson. BB is a Carribean cuisine restaurant right at the main circle in Towson. Their food isn't too heavy, but it's very unique.

The setting of the restaurant is what brings most people in for the first time, and keeps them coming. It looks like a giant hut from the outside, but it also translates inside with dark wood and bright colors.

The patio area is open starting in the Spring and they offer the AMAZING music of what looks like Bob Marley. He plays a mix of popular Reggae and mixes it up with the electric guitar.

The food is great, but the atmosphere is what people come for!

Check out Jimmi's Carribean blog!

Cafe Troia

I have wanted to visit this cafe since I came across their website last week.

Take a look at a couple items on the menu...

Insalata di Arugula con Gorgonzola: Tender arugula, glazed walnuts, apple slices and a warm gorgonzola dressing

Pappardelle con Gamberi: Homemade pasta prepared with jumbo shrimp, swiss chard, prosciutto and cream

TiramisĂș: an Italian classic. Ours is made with lady finger cookies soaked in rum and espresso then layered with a mascarpone based cream

Mmmmmm! Apparently the cafe was started in 1986 by a native Italian family, the Troia's. I can't wait to go!

31 Allegheny Avenue

Towson, MD 21204

Tel:(410) 337-0133

Ruth's Chris vs. All Others

Ruth's Chris is hands down the #1 steakhouse in Baltimore. Sure, there are competitors like The Prime Rib, Morton's, and Flemming's. I've been to these 3 places more than once and to Ruth's Chris an innumerable amount.

Granted, RC was the first steakhouse I went to out of the 4; however, steak is my forte and I walk in any steakhouse open-minded. You can trust my opinion and I do this for one reason only...I want the best! There are 2 main factors that support RC being the #1 steakhouse.

1. The steak
Of course, the steak has to be great! All RC steaks are cut thick so more of the natural juices stay in the meat. Also, all steaks are the best cut. Since Ruth started the restaurant she insisted in having the best of everything. All steaks are brought out on a 500 degree plate so they have the same sizzle from start to finish. Only being seasoned in butter, the steak leterally melts in your mouth.

2. Customer Service
I'm paying almost $50 for just my meal (ok, my date is), if I don't receive great customer service, I will not come back to any restaurant of that caliber.

While at Morton's I realized I was wasting my time because their steaks are not at all impressive. My steak was brought out almost cold at the Prime Rib and we waited 20 minutes for the waiter to take our order!

RC impresses me everytime and every chance I get, I go!

Towson Town Center

I mentioned the expansion of the Center and restaurants in The Cheesecake Factory post. Here's WBAL's coverage...

Food and Health Lecture Series

Well, since we're on the topic of food...

The Intgrative Health Centers are hosting a lecture series on topics such as digestions, proper health habits and managing weight and indigestion.

We do all of this eating, let's make sure we're doing it right and still stating healthy. Read Veronica's Burn and Build blog for exercise tips!

IHC Lecture Schedule:

Saturday, April 18 11am–1pm
Why proper digestion is important for overall health and managing weight in particular; how to eat to maximize nutrition and avoid bloat, indigestion, and cravings.

Saturday, May 2 11am–1pm
How and what to eat for torture-free weight management, pros + cons of popular diets and plans, what cravings can teach us, how to develop your own instincts about what to eat for optimal health and balance.

Saturday, May 16 11am–1pm
How the challenge of disease conditions can make weight management a struggle (candida imbalance, thyroid issues, diabetes, celiac, indigestion, and more) and how to overcome these challenges while maximizing nutrients.

*cost is $25 per person

Peerce's Plantation

Peerce's is unique because it was established in 1933! It's know for having a European taste to the food, tapas and not to mention their wine list. Peerce's is located in Pheonix, which is about 20 minutes from the heart of Towson.

Peerce's Plantation
12460 Dulaney Valley Rd,
Phoenix, MD 21131

The Oregon Grille

1201 Shawan Rd.
Hunt Valley, MD 21030

I have to blog about The Oregon Grille because I have heard from so many people that this is one of their favorite restaurants. I've driven by it a couple times on Shawan Road (going away from York Rd.), and noticed it doesn't look like a normal restaurant. It kind of looks like a house with a lot of windows, but a house where they have beautiful yard-work.

They have what's called their Blue-Stone patio for outside dining. The Grille also is known for their steaks and wine list!

Michael's Cafe

2119 York Rd
Timonium, MD 21093
(410) 252-2022

Michael's Cafe is know for their amazing crabcakes and customer service. The last time I was there on a horrible date, the food and waiter were the only things that kept me sane. Michael's has been family-owned fro over 24 years, which is a plus for a lot of people. Most of their menu is homade too, so you know you're getting those warm family recipes.

Not only is their food worth going, but it also sems like a nice place to hang out with seom friends (Happy Hour from 3-7 p.m. by the way) and take advantage of some dinner specials!

Mondays - Shrimp Night A pound of delicious Jumbo Steamed Shrimp for only $10.00! Available in Bar Areas

Tuesdays - Wine Night! Every bottle on our extensive wine list up to half off.

Wednesdays - BBQ Baby Back Ribs!! Tender and juicy, not to mention the Best in town!! Live Music in the Main Bar (see calendar for details)

Thursdays - Prime Rib Night ~ 40 oz King Cut or 20 oz Queen Cut of the finest All Natural Hereford Beef

Fridays - Live Music in the Main Bar (see calendar for details)

Saturday - BBQ Baby Back Ribs!!

Sundays - Half Price Burgers! Half pound of All Natural Hereford Ground Beef

...and of course the drink specials:

Late Night Happy Hour Sunday-Thursday 10pm till close

Sun-Draft Beer Night; All Draft Beers only $2

Mon-Bud Night; Bud & Bud Light bottles only $2

Tues-Micro Beer Night; All Micro Beers only $3

Wed-1/2 Off All Martinis Vangough shots $3 & Grand Marinier $4

Thurs-Coors Light & Miller Lite Night; All bottles only $2

**Don't forget to go to their website and check out their great reviews!

Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich

BALTIMORE, of all the places, was one of the first cities to test out Chick-fil-A's new spicy chicken sandwich! The testing started at the end of April 2009 in a chain in California and the chain tested in Jacksonville, Florida and good ol' Baltimore, Maryland!

I'm wondering if that's because the secret is out that we are all obsessed with food here, or actually because we have good taste...hmmm,

Either way...everyone knows about the sandwich now, so we must be doing something right! Mmmm, love me some Chick-fil-A!

Towson Best

Literally the best Asian food available for delivery and take-out in Towson...
Towson Best

527-529 York Road
Towson, MD 21204

(410) 825-3770

Sunday through Thursday 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
Friday through Saturday 11 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Minimum for Delivery:

10% off order over $10.00 Tuesdays- $4.49 Large Chicken Lo Mein

Baltimore Restaurants...Desparate

In light of the economy, restaurants are taking a huge hit. People are going to the grocery store more than eating out these days to save money. Not only that, but the times people do go out to eat, they're choosing their restaurants a little differently.

What used to be a nice outing at a fine-dining restaurant is now a trip to Applebee's. So, what the restaurant geniuses decided to do is ban together and hit the problem head-on. Fine dining restaurants, which are obviously getting the worst of the hit, are joining together to promote their food and service in their time of need.

I imagine their motto to be: it's better to be active than reactive.

The restaurants such as Morton's and Rusty Scupper have even shared a $1,000 table at a Towson bridal shower. They've also hosted tasting seminars together.

Restaurants that were once fighting for territory and customers are now sharing them both. I guess it gives a whole new meaning to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Man, a poor economy can do crazy things.

Towson Fast-food...Regulated

I mentioned in my Cheesecake Factory blog that Towson is the only place to try to fit as many buildings and restaurants in the smallest space possible. While researching, I came across an article that very much supported my statement.

In 2003, Towson residents opposed a McDonald's drive-thru close to residential areas. Apparently, a 70-year-old Towson man, Wallace "Wally" North, led the community campaign to change zoning laws in Towson. The article incinuates that North started the online organization, The Towson Metropolitan Area Resident's Community Association to regualte McDonald's drive-thru's in inappropriate areas.

North's hard work paid off when he got Councilman Vincent Gardina's attention. Gardina sponsored the bill that was amended because of North's efforts. The amendment states, in Baltimore County, there will have to be a special exception for any fast-food restaurants located adjacent to any residential property line in the Towson Commercial Revitalization District.

Now, maybe this answers my curiousity to why more fast-food chains have not monopolized the TU area. Hey, I'd be scared of ol' North too!

Bill Bateman's: Letter to Bill

Dear Bill,

It's like paradise in the middle of a war, like an oasis in the desert, and most of all like the perfect place to walk to after class and pretend like school doesn't exist.

It's Bateman's in Towson. I can speak for every other Towson student when I say THANK YOU, Bill! You are the man! Thanks for strategically placing food, beer and huge TV's right next to our school. You've saved my sanity many times post-class and pre-freaking out due to school.

Two of my last-class periods of the semester, we took a field trip to Bateman's as a class. Yes, the teachers came too! So thanks Bill, for giving us a place to complain about our horrible student drama, giving us a place to cheers with classmates, and most of all for making it walking distance!

~TU Students

Towosn Diner

Now let's talk about the REAL diner in Towson (Bel Loc vs. Diner)! First of all, the Towson Diner on York Road is one of the original diners in Towson from the 1950's...pretty impressive.

Secondly, you can always tell an authentic diner by looking at one thing only...the hours. Towson Diner is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! That's what makes a great diner!

It's also strategically placed less than a mile away from all of the Towson bars. All of you TU students, you can count on seeing all of your friends and classmates there in the middle of the night...it's packed! Who wouldn't want to hang with friends eating greasy food after a long night of drinking!?!?

Courtney Rice wrote about the diner in the Johns Hopkins Newsletter.

Bel Loc vs. Diner

WOW! The Bel Loc Diner in Towson on York and Joppa Road used to be the diner of the town. Then the Towson Diner moved in and everyone in Towson realized what they were actually missing.

The last time I was at Bel Loc my food came out cold and my friend and I were the only people in there, except for the one random lonely person you find in every diner.

Once the Towson Diner became the hot-spot for students during the after-hours, Bel Loc's true colors were revealed. The fact that it looks like it's going to fall apart did not help business.

It's not just me people!

Pleiades wrote in Chowdown: "Anyone notice the Bel-Loc diner was the featured venue for wierdness in Tuesday's Zippy? Never eaten there, so I got to wondering if anyone else has. As usual, the wacky antics of the patrons drove me to not laugh at all."

And here are some of the responses:

"The Bel-Loc's okay if you don't mind pretty grim waitresses and prefab food. The reason to go is the time-capsule look--which I admit is probably worth it, but only every once in awhile. For my money, any diner with bad pie isn't really a diner at all. But it's kind of an expirience."

"I went there after someone told me it was a Baltimore landmark and I was sorely disappointed. I took one bite of my food and left the rest.

If you are out checking out Baltimore landmarks, drive by, maybe even go inside. But don't bother ordering."