Monday, May 11, 2009

Baltimore Restaurants...Desparate

In light of the economy, restaurants are taking a huge hit. People are going to the grocery store more than eating out these days to save money. Not only that, but the times people do go out to eat, they're choosing their restaurants a little differently.

What used to be a nice outing at a fine-dining restaurant is now a trip to Applebee's. So, what the restaurant geniuses decided to do is ban together and hit the problem head-on. Fine dining restaurants, which are obviously getting the worst of the hit, are joining together to promote their food and service in their time of need.

I imagine their motto to be: it's better to be active than reactive.

The restaurants such as Morton's and Rusty Scupper have even shared a $1,000 table at a Towson bridal shower. They've also hosted tasting seminars together.

Restaurants that were once fighting for territory and customers are now sharing them both. I guess it gives a whole new meaning to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Man, a poor economy can do crazy things.

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