Monday, May 11, 2009

Towson Fast-food...Regulated

I mentioned in my Cheesecake Factory blog that Towson is the only place to try to fit as many buildings and restaurants in the smallest space possible. While researching, I came across an article that very much supported my statement.

In 2003, Towson residents opposed a McDonald's drive-thru close to residential areas. Apparently, a 70-year-old Towson man, Wallace "Wally" North, led the community campaign to change zoning laws in Towson. The article incinuates that North started the online organization, The Towson Metropolitan Area Resident's Community Association to regualte McDonald's drive-thru's in inappropriate areas.

North's hard work paid off when he got Councilman Vincent Gardina's attention. Gardina sponsored the bill that was amended because of North's efforts. The amendment states, in Baltimore County, there will have to be a special exception for any fast-food restaurants located adjacent to any residential property line in the Towson Commercial Revitalization District.

Now, maybe this answers my curiousity to why more fast-food chains have not monopolized the TU area. Hey, I'd be scared of ol' North too!

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