Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Greek Pizza?

The Greek eatery mentioned in my previous post is not just a Greek eatery, I found. Not only do they have every Greek dish from Moussaka to Baklavah, but they have pizza and Italian food too! They're still a Greek eatery, but they just serve Italian food as well.

I couldn't believe it when the Italian food was just as good as the Greek food!

Baked Ziti:

Pizza (mushrooms, olives, pep's)

Monday, May 11, 2009

TU Campus Food

Every Towson student will appreciate this video! Make sure you listen to the 2nd song, it's "Mahna Mahna", haha!

Recipes for the Greek Food!

I had some requests for the recipes of the Greek food I shared in a previous post. So here they are!

Pastrami Sandwich
1. Create the sandwiches. Cut the keyser rolls in half so you can begin to create your sandwiches. Lightly coat the top of the bun with some mayonnaise and a dab of mustard. Next layer the pastrami in folds until you have about 2-4 ounces of meat on each bun. Next add several pieces of deli cheese on top of the layered pastrami.

2. Wrap sandwiches for baking. Now you want to tear a 1-by-1 foot section of foil wrap. Place the sandwich in the middle and wrap the foil around it.

3. Bake sandwiches in the oven. This is the easiest and the longest part. Place the sandwiches in the oven for approximately 15 minutes. Set the timer so you do not accidentally overcook or burn the sandwiches.

4. Remove sandwiches from the oven. Once the sandwiches are finished baking remove them from the oven using pot holders and place them on the counter to cool.

5. Add sauerkraut and serve. Allow the bake pastrami sandwiches at least five minutes to cool. Then remove the foil wrap, garnish with sauerkraut and enjoy!



I can never eat at Friday's and eat healthy. Even though they have a healthy menu, it just never happens. Greasy and cheesy is always what comes out of Friday's food!

So I have some suggestions and MUST TRY'S...

The best burger I've ever had at Friday's is the Jack Daniel's burger...

Can you believe there is even a burger under all of this!?!?! Haha! Well, there is! You're looking at fried, crispy onions, bacon, cheese and the amazing Jack Daniel's sauce. O yea, there are a couple fries on the side too! TRY IT!

New Greek Restaurant in Towson!

I ordinarily do not care for Greek food, but this place has totally changed my mind! It is not listed yet and does not have any information. I do know it was the old Towson Deilte, which was mainly known for their sandwiches and breakfast food.

Ever since we ordered from this Greek place, we have not ordered from anywhere else.

Our first order we got the Moussaka...

This is layered seasoned ground beef, chunks of potatoes, eggplant and bechamel with sprinkled cinnamon on top. It came with a Greek salad on the side, which was very fresh.

We also got a pastrami sandwich...

After ordering for the second time, I became friends with the woman that seems to be the owner. They are all very friendly and delivery time has never been over 35 minutes, which is amazing!

The Peppermill

The Peppermill is located on York Road about 2 miles up from the Towson circle. I wonder how this restaurant has been in business for all of these years. They do not have a website, they are never busy, and trust me the food is not that good.

I think what's keeping them afloat, if they are afloat, is obviously the location. They're right in the heart of Towson and it's pretty much the only semi-nice restaurant in which you don't have to go near the circle and find parking. It's also right across the street from the Ruck Funeral Home. And it you can tell that from the restaurant because it's always dead.

I had the Prime Rib and it came out cold ecause the waitor was horrible. It already had onions on it, hardly fried. The only delicious item I had was the Clams Casino, but how hard is that!?


Given, the Hooter's in Towson is not the finest establishment, especially compared to the Hooter's in the Baltimore Harbor. The great thing about Hooter's is that no matter what each location looks like or how trashy it is, the food still tastes the same!

Hooter's wings are by far the best wings I've ever had. These are the mediums and they still look delicious!

The mozzarella sticks were soo good too! The cheese was still hot when I bit into them.

We also got the fried pickles! It comes with really good tangy dipping sauce.