Monday, May 11, 2009

Food and Health Lecture Series

Well, since we're on the topic of food...

The Intgrative Health Centers are hosting a lecture series on topics such as digestions, proper health habits and managing weight and indigestion.

We do all of this eating, let's make sure we're doing it right and still stating healthy. Read Veronica's Burn and Build blog for exercise tips!

IHC Lecture Schedule:

Saturday, April 18 11am–1pm
Why proper digestion is important for overall health and managing weight in particular; how to eat to maximize nutrition and avoid bloat, indigestion, and cravings.

Saturday, May 2 11am–1pm
How and what to eat for torture-free weight management, pros + cons of popular diets and plans, what cravings can teach us, how to develop your own instincts about what to eat for optimal health and balance.

Saturday, May 16 11am–1pm
How the challenge of disease conditions can make weight management a struggle (candida imbalance, thyroid issues, diabetes, celiac, indigestion, and more) and how to overcome these challenges while maximizing nutrients.

*cost is $25 per person

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