Monday, May 11, 2009

Ruth's Chris vs. All Others

Ruth's Chris is hands down the #1 steakhouse in Baltimore. Sure, there are competitors like The Prime Rib, Morton's, and Flemming's. I've been to these 3 places more than once and to Ruth's Chris an innumerable amount.

Granted, RC was the first steakhouse I went to out of the 4; however, steak is my forte and I walk in any steakhouse open-minded. You can trust my opinion and I do this for one reason only...I want the best! There are 2 main factors that support RC being the #1 steakhouse.

1. The steak
Of course, the steak has to be great! All RC steaks are cut thick so more of the natural juices stay in the meat. Also, all steaks are the best cut. Since Ruth started the restaurant she insisted in having the best of everything. All steaks are brought out on a 500 degree plate so they have the same sizzle from start to finish. Only being seasoned in butter, the steak leterally melts in your mouth.

2. Customer Service
I'm paying almost $50 for just my meal (ok, my date is), if I don't receive great customer service, I will not come back to any restaurant of that caliber.

While at Morton's I realized I was wasting my time because their steaks are not at all impressive. My steak was brought out almost cold at the Prime Rib and we waited 20 minutes for the waiter to take our order!

RC impresses me everytime and every chance I get, I go!

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