Monday, May 11, 2009

Bill Bateman's: Letter to Bill

Dear Bill,

It's like paradise in the middle of a war, like an oasis in the desert, and most of all like the perfect place to walk to after class and pretend like school doesn't exist.

It's Bateman's in Towson. I can speak for every other Towson student when I say THANK YOU, Bill! You are the man! Thanks for strategically placing food, beer and huge TV's right next to our school. You've saved my sanity many times post-class and pre-freaking out due to school.

Two of my last-class periods of the semester, we took a field trip to Bateman's as a class. Yes, the teachers came too! So thanks Bill, for giving us a place to complain about our horrible student drama, giving us a place to cheers with classmates, and most of all for making it walking distance!

~TU Students

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