Monday, May 11, 2009

Mango Manny's

I would consider Mango Manny's underground. It's located inside the Ramada Inn on the corner of Loch Raven Blvd. and Joppa Rd. I know, very random..but, somehow it has become a hot spot. I have had breakfast and dinner there, and I have played pool there during karaoke night...not a pleasant sight by the way.

Guests who stay at the Ramada get free breakfast there, which is actually not that bad. Other than that, the crabcake sandwiches are realy good! That's what most people eat when they go there, I could not imagine what else you would be going there for. The picture on the website it not what it looks like at all.

People go for the crabcakes and the atmoshere. Manny's has poker night and karaoke night, which actually draws a good crowd of locals along wih the guests. manny's also has live music on Friday's.

So the next time you drive by the Ramada and it's packed, it may not be because there are a lot of tourists!

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