Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pizan's Wings...Not So Much

Pizan's, probably the most popular pizza and sub joint in Towson. They're CHEAP, they deliver ALCOHOL, open UNTIL 4 A.M., and not to mention their pizza is AMAZING. You'll always find Pizan's, located on York Road, packed with drunk college students around 2 a.m. just as the bars let out. It's just the laid back "I'm drunk and want to eat good pizza" atmoshpere. The walls are full of "____ was here" tags that you can hardly read. It's pretty cool and really hard not to make friends with someone who works there too, especially when you're drunk!

But BEWARE! Pizan's wings do not do them justice! My assumption that Pizan's wouldn't let me down was a big mistake. Having had pizza the past three days, I decided to switch it up and order wings. They were delivered by a not-so-friendly, sweaty delivery man too.

When I ordered, the foreign woman, who always takes the calls, said they ONLY had mild...now c'mon, if you're going to offer wings you GOTTA have HOT! I figured they'd be a tad bit spicy. Well, they weren't! I felt lik I was eating really bad, really sweet chicken terryaki! EWWW! They were not even a little spicy, they were sweet as can be! I ate ONE, and my lunch was ruined. Afterwrds, one of my managers walked in and said, "O, I could have told you not to order wings from Pizan's." Thanks a lot!

It's safe to say I will only be using Pizan's for pizza or if I have the urge to write on a wall!


  1. That is the sickest picture ever...yuck...

  2. I'd be interested in seeing a post on China Wok. Free Delivery, good American style Chinese food.

    Your post on Pizans makes me want to check it out and I'll remember to skip the wings!

  3. China Wok...I'll keep that in mind.