Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Domino's: Best Delivery Process Ever!

Idiot proof online ordering = Domino's

Domino's has, by far the most convenient and efficient online ordering process. Here it is:

1. Delivery or Carryout
2. Your Location
3. House/Business/Dorm/Hotel
-all of which prompt you to give details (apt. #, suite #, dorm room, business name, etc.)
4. Address
5. Place Your Order
6. Confirm
7. Checkout
8. Give any special delivery instructions for the driver
9. Confirm Order Summary
10. payment method
11. Confirm

*The whole time you are going through this process, there is a summary on the right of the page just so you can see what you have ordered and the price.

The Best Part

After your order has been placed, you can see a time line of the process : when they have received the order, preparation, steps of making the order (dough, oven, etc.), when it gets boxed, when it leaves, and when it arrives. There's no denying that is extremely cool! Even if you don't like Domino's, you have to try this!

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