Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TU Senior on Towson Food

I've never seen a tiny girl eat as much as Katie Hogg. The funny thing is she wouldn't be offended by me saying that at all. She's a senior at Towson University and her major is Business Management and HR Management. If anyone knows Towson food, it's Katie...and she'll tell you like it is.

Q: What is your favorite place to order from in Towson, and why?

Probably Jerry's, the only thing is that they take forever to deliver! I live in Lambeth Apartments right by the Towson gym and on average it takes them between an hour and an hour and a half to get here. I'm right around the corner so it's really annoying, but they're still my favorite only because of how delicious their food is. I usually get a 4 inch sub and a medium pizza, but last time there was hardly any meat on my sub.

Papa John's would be my second choice because I really like their pizza and they have Pepsi products, Coke is nasty.

Q: Who has the best customer service in Towson?

O! That Asian place...Kikumoto! It's right on York Road. I eat there a lot because their sushi is ammmmazing! The second time I walked in there they treated me like a regular. The owners came out and asked how everything was and we got to know each other. They are soo nice. Now, I get the best customer service. They treat you like gold, it's kind of weird, but good for me.

Q: What are the most important things you would want to know about a place you would order from?

- delivery time
- customer service
- best things to order
- specials...On Monday nights Jerry's has a special for a large pizza for $5.99. Not a lot of people know about that. Dunkin' Donuts is open 24 hours too, it seems no one knows that but me. I seriously go there alll the time late at night.
- when the place is most busy
- special qualities...things Pizan's delivering alcohol.

Q: Some things you would like to see in Towson...

Yea, how about faster delivery! Hire more people so you can get the food to me faster.

I would looove to see a Sonic, Five Guys or Fudrucker's. I want a Sonic here so badly, I'm seriously thinking about opening one myself after I graduate. It would get so much business, it's a drive-thru that serves breakfast all day, yeah. O! And a closer Taco Bell! Gosh, that would be nice.

Q: Where do you go the most and why?

I go to Pizan's the most. It's most convenient and right next to the liquor store and it's always open.

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